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International Conference

RIO 15 – International Climate & Energy Event


Focus: Photovoltaic Energy generation as a relevant contribution to overcome energy scarcity


Date: 4th of September 2015


Price: 330,- € (includes coffee breaks & digital proceedings)


Local: NOVOTEL, Rio de Janeiro
(close to Santos Dumont Airport, inside city center of Rio de Janeiro)

Weblinks: NOVOTEL, Santos Dumont Airport


Adress: Avenida Rua Marechal Câmara, 300 (Centro) 20020-080 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil





Renewable Energies, such as solar, wind, geothermal energy and sustainable biomass, represent the future of energy supply. Since the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, the use of renewable energies has been promoted to offset climate change, preserve natural resources, increase energy security, and provides electricity to remote and impoverished regions.

In recent years, growth in the renewable energy sector has been strong. In 2013, global renewable energy capacity reached 2120 GW. The largest successes, both in relative increase of installed capacity and in price reduction, have been achieved by photovoltaic solar energy conversion (PV). In 2014, additional 51 GW of PV capacity have been installed, totalling to 184 GW. Although vast opportunities for the PV market exist in Brazil and the world, many obstacles do still remain. RIO 15 is designated to identify and solve these obstacles.

RIO 15 continues the successful sequence of previous World Climate & Energy Events. Leading experts will present the latest in renewable technologies, resource efficiency, policy analysis, financing options and carbon trading. Opportunities for networking and developing business relations are a cornerstone of the event.

Due to successful mass production of renewable energy (RE) power supplies and its components, RE generation costs are now well below consumer electricity prices in most countries of Latin America and the Caribbean – this offers excellent business opportunities, even in countries without particular grid-feed tariffs. RIO 15 will be the meeting point of present and future players in this field.



Structure of RIO 15


The International Conference

Speakers at RIO conferences represent the scientific community, energy industry, finance and policy fields associated with the implementation of renewable energies.

Former RIO-Conferences have been attended by Professor Martin Green (Alternative Nobel Prize Laureate, world leader in Si-photovoltaic conversion efficiency, University of New South Wales, Australia), Dr. Hermann Scheer † (Alternative Nobel Prize Laureate, Chairman of WCRE, President of Eurosolar), Prof. Peter Landsberg † (University of Southampton, Journal editor and “Nature” author), Prof. Olav Hohmeyer (University of Flensburg, pioneer in carbon trading), Prof. Chris Wronski (Pennsylvania State University, pioneer in PV thin film technology), Prof. Adolf Goetzberger (founder of Solar Fraunhofer Institute, former ISES President), Mechthild Rothe (EU Parliament Deputy), Prof. Maurício Tolmasquim (CEO of EPE - Energy Research Company, former CES of Ministry of Energy), Fernando Gabeira (Federal Deputy and bestseller author), Prof. Dr. Bautista Vidal (Head Pro-Álcool, the largest RE program ever), Dr. Franz Alt (Bestseller author and TV-journalist), Rosa Moreno (Greenpeace), Laura Porto (MME), Dr. Everaldo Feitosa (Director Brazilian Wind Energy Center, Vice President World Wind Energy Association), Mauro Passos (America do Sol, Director of Instituto Ideal), just to mention some participants and supporters.



Expert-Workshop 2015

The Brazilian Government established a net-metering legislation for Renewable Energy Grid-Feeding (incl. Photovoltaics) in 2011 which got into power in early 2012. That legislation - together with high levels of solar irradiance, elevated electricity prices, and a prospering population - sets the ground for a new, highly attractive market. The expert workshop in Rio de Janeiro on 4th of September 2015 will focus on the technical (grid connection requirements in particular), legislative, and administrative issues of PV-implementation in Brazil.

The invited speakers are senior experts from the Brazilian energy program, the regulatory agency, import certification and customs.




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